Dolf Mulder, Vital, no. 360, February 20, 2003

In 1986 Les Poules debuted with the LP Les contes de l’amère loi. This LP was rereleased in 2001 on CD and maybe it is because of this that the members of Les Poules thought by themselves: “Why not make a second work?” Anyway Les Poules had some reason after an interval of some 15 years, for sticking together again. Of course differences between two albums are obvious and big. There are more differences then similarities in my perception. The first album has song-structured pieces. The music is extravert, loud, often melodic. Quirky and jumpy saxplaying. Electronics are played by keyboards. They sing self written texts. Prairie orange shows in some aspects an opposite face: the music now is very introvert, abstract and reflective. It has a non-verbal use of voice.

Comparing both albums it is also possible to demonstrate or illustrate a development that has taken place in the more experimental regions of jazz and rock in the last 20 years. Conventional musical forms and techniques have been left behind, due to integration of what radical improvised music and noise music has brought to us. The focus is more on texture, colour, musical potential of sound. For this purpose all kind of extended techniques are discovered and used.

Another point is that the pool of Ambiances Magnétiques musicians has many women amidst them. It is an important characteristic for this scene that women form a considerable part of this family. Some groups or projects have - intented or by coincidence - an all-women line up (Wondeur Brass). This is also the case for Les Poules. In 1986 and now in 2003 Les Poules is formed by: Joane Hétu (alto sax, voice), Diane Labrosse (electronics, voice) and Danielle Palardy Roger (percussions, voice). Together they succeeded in this phase of their careers and development in making an interesting album again. In 9 pieces they evoke what they experienced being in a desert, a Prairie orange.

… very introvert, abstract and reflective.