Chris Blackford, Rubberneck, March 28, 2002

Qu’ouïs-je? sees Lussier and Tétreault ditching the guitars and turntables of their previous releases and turning instead to daxophone (Lussier) and synthesizer, pick-up and drum machine (Tétreault). Tétreault’s preoccupation with the raw scratching of the cartridge thus gets free rein, unhindered by the exigency of having to actually play records, and Lussier adds screeching bowed textures and bass drones. As you can guess, this isn’t a CD to have playing in the background of your next dinner party, but it is remarkably compelling: the sounds may be unforgivingly harsh, but they’re assembled with an ear for space and dynamics, and the improvisatory wit and concision of the duo’s previous release (Dur noyau dur, on the same label) isn’t lacking here.

… it is remarkably compelling…