Mike Chamberlain, Hour, January 27, 2000

A monumental undertaking requiring four years of research, Montréal bassist/composer Normand Guilbeault’s Riel debuted at Victoriaville in 1998 and played again at the Lion d’Or in February 1999, where it was recorded. Packaged beautifully, with an informative 72-page booklet, this is top shelf all around. A large cast of Montréal’s best musicians Jean Derome, Pierre Tanguay, Tom Walsh, Jean René, Mathieu Bélanger, Bob Olivier and others) tells the story of the doomed and damned Metis leader, mixing Scottish and French reels and jigs, native and Metis songs, Orangemen chants, and improvisations in a passionate tour de force that is stimulating both as musical event and history lesson. 4/5