George Zahora, Splendid E-Zine, June 19, 2000

Drummer Mirko Sabatini is apparently a pioneering percussionist, attempting to convey the abilities and potential of his instrument. This isn’t, however, some sort of horrifying “drum circle” album; the disc’s jacket lists motors, plates, springs and rubber bands in Sabatini’s sonic palette. Unfortunately, a lot of -28+Alieni sounds like someone rummaging through a darkened kitchen — it’s a series of isolated bangs, pings and knocks. A curious disparity in recording levels comes to a head on Eventi, which features the aforementioned motors. If you’ve turned your stereo up loud enough to hear the rest of the disc, Eventi will be absolutely deafening. People will ask you what you’re doing running an industrial grinder, and you’ll be forced to wave -28+Alieni in their faces and stammer effusively. Ultimately, though it has some moments of aurally interesting moments, the disc fails to live up to the intangible promise of the lurid, angular fish painted on its cover. Put it in the “needs a visual component” pile.