Noah Wane, Splendid E-Zine, July 1, 2000

Pierre Tanguay’s first solo album is what he calls “heavy-new age” background music. What this means, precisely, is unclear — but I can tell you that it’s ethnic sounding bells, whistles, gongs and horns used to create a kind of ambient music kind of thing. I fell asleep listening to it (although this was perhaps more due to the fact that I had just had lunch, that I was in a stuffy room and that I was at work!), which points to Tanguay’s ability to write harmless, unimposing stuff. This is good in some settings, as true background music, but isn’t desirable in others, like concerts or active listening. To be fair, Monsieur Tanguay, is good at what he does, it’s just that I’m finding myself more turned off by impenetrable, artsy, French-Canadian stuff lately, and on this count he strikes out.