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Frank Rubolino, Cadence, no. 25:3, March 1, 1999

Joane Hétu (alto and voice) and Jean Derome (alto, small instruments, percussion, and wice) appear as a duet on Nous perçons les oreilles (Ambiances magnétiques). This time, the music is the more dominant influence, with the vocals adding color and texture to the fierce alto screams rather than acting as a story-telling device. Hétu again uses scatting vocal utterances in conjunction with the music, but she devotes equal concentration on this set to the alto that she blows with reckless abandon on many of the selections (Nous Perçons / Le Poinçon / Jonquille / Les osselets / Lea / Les oreilles / L’enclume et le marteau / L’étrier / La ouate / Les orteils / Ça va pas). The use of voice to complement music has become standard fare with Derome (he scripted all the text), and he and Hétu use it intelligently on this date as an alternate for additional instrumentation. Their voices interact with their instruments in staccato fashion to provide a diverse sound stage of irregular beat and freedom playing. When the two are in tandem on alto, they play either a cat and mouse sound game or blow intensely in freeform style. The cacophony of the horns melts into screechy vocal outbursts or guttural tones to yield strange but musical results. This recording is unusual but certainly excitinq and original.

The use of voice to complement music has become standard fare with Derome , and he and Hétu use it intelligently…