Geert De Decker, Sztuka Fabryka, January 19, 2001

This is the first CD of this guitar playing duo, both has earned their fame during the years in their skills of the guitar. On this CD we hear some improvising music with the guitar. We find 8 compositions with this improvising guitar play where they both explore the colour of the guitar in its different forms. Both play the guitar on a poetic way, with intonation on the sound colour that a guitar can produce. In the opening composition it starts with a Latin coloured composition where a second guitar build an improvisation around. This composition soon starts to get a quicker tune but ends again in a tranquil improvisation. In the second composition they work around the specific sound that the banjo produces combined with an exotic flute instrument. Again this composition receives its specific colour when they change the rhythms of the composition. In a third composition the guitars are played on a non-conventional way, it sounds more as plucking on the strings which produce short quick tunes. At the end Daniel adds some voice to the improvisation. In each composition they work with the guitar in these different ways, looking for the specific intonation a guitar can produce.