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Jim Little, Hour, October 17, 1996

The three tales here are all commissioned pieces from the early 1990s. Les mains moites (Clammy Hands), subtitled How To Take the Flute by the Horns (that’s Jean Derome’s job here, along with some baritone sax), uses snippets of spoken word and freely sampled sounds, plus Lussier’s guitar, bass, synth and percussion to create an airy, dreamy, slightly unsettling soundscape. On Art brut a celebration of spontaneous, non-commercial creation, Lussier pulls out his acoustic guitar and his Rube Goldbergian daxophone, while alto player Jean René replaces Derome. Roche noire features fellow guitarist Tim Brady (on whose Imaginary guitars CD this piece also appears) and percussionist extraordinaire Pierre Tanguay in an evocative tribune to the Irish in Québec. 4/5