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Nick Mott, Audion, no. 42, March 1, 2000

3 Musiques pour Ubu comprise almost all of Jean Derome’s compositions written for Denis Marleau’s Théâtre Ubu. The first disc was inspired by reading the complete works of Beckett. Typical to other music on the label, it is very brassy, Iyrical and sombre. My interest waned, though there are some brilliant Art Zoyd/Univers Zero type moments with dramatic chopping strings and winds, interspersed with dead-stops for added tension. Disc 2, containing the works Les Ubs and Luna-Park, I found more enjoyable, more typically French, with Eric Satie like playful melodies, and some fine vocals, going on to wonderfully strange realms, almost sounding like The Residents at the end.

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