Andrew Jones, Montreal Mirror, January 25, 1990

For years, Montréal guitarist and provocateur René Lussier has been aggressively cataloguing and documenting French language and culture, with a guitar in one hand and a tape recorder in the other. Lussier’s research reaches a timely apothe osis on his latest release, a vital examination of the language issue in Québec. Two language historians embark on a trip to Québec City to visit the National Language Archives. Along the way, Lussier’s arrangements and instrumentation both echo and throw into relief the musicaiity of the Québécois tongue (an English woman struggling with French directions is an edifying and hilarious highlight). Recalling the multilingual jazz/art jumble of Heiner Goebbels’ Man In The Elevator, this prize-winning work is a stunmng example of how traditional music, collage, and historiography can meet harmoniously, even if two solitudes can’t. An altogether brilhant achievement.

Another brilliant achievement.