Gary Flanagan, Nightwaves, no. 4, November 1, 1999

This is a bizarre, strange and atmospheric compilation of audio mysteries. It is often unnerving and spooky, but certainly not inaccessible. The artists featured on this disc use everything from drums, violins, synthesizers, samplers, turntables, flutes and saxaphones to create an expansive blend of provacative soundscapes.

Some of the tracks could be considered spoken word (La nuit est longue et sans plis by Patrice Desbiens). Other tracks, in fact most of them, are combinations of cryptic, mysterious found sounds and traditional acoustic instruments. Some tracks even border on operatic (Que saisir sinon by Pierre Cartier). Motormouth by the Fred Frith Guitar Quartet is a refreshing instrumental with a strong jazz flavour. Rarely is this hybrid of electronic and acoustic so rewarding, but this compilation pulls it off superbly. These “songs” are sad, suggestive, weird and vividly unique all at once.

Unlike most sojourns into experimentalism, this CD does not completely alienate the listener with a barrage of caustic noises. It actually posesses flashes of structure, therefore making it a fine primer to this league of sound structure. Credit must also be given to Luc Beauchemin and Jean-Francois Denis for the beautiful (and original) design of the CD case. Highly recommended for followers of the avant-garde.

… bizarre, strange and atmospheric compilation of audio mysteries.