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Dolf Mulder, Vital, no. 182, July 19, 1999

Derome who composed for dance and theatre in the past, here presents his first soundtrack. A first soundtrack by known musician makes me always curious. Will it show the artist from a totally other side or not, as making filmmusic has its own possibilities and restrictions? The following quote gives a little insight into how Derome copes with this: “To compose music for a film is to translate a film into music. […] When I compose a soundtrack, I start by listening closely to the sounds that are already there. I listen to the texture of the voices, ambient noises, extraneous sounds, snatches of music that are already there, I observe how the actors move, how they dance on the screen; I ask myself if they really mean what they say. ” Orchestrated for a large ensemble of strings, winds, percussion and voice, this cd presents 18 compositions that show the range of Derome’s compositional work. It’s a soundtrack to the film Strand under the Dark Cloth by John Walker. It’s a film on the work of the famous photographrer Paul Strand. The film has many and long sequences of photographs. The included booklet gives some info on this photographer and some of his photos’ are printed here.

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