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Downtown Music Gallery, May 1, 1999

This is Jean’s elegant and haunting soundtrack for a film by John Walker which is a portrait of the fascinating American photographer & filmmaker — Paul Strand. Derome utilizes a 12 piece ensemble, which includes his usual collaborators René Lussier, Pierre Cartier and Pierre Tanguay. Strand led a long & interesting life (1890 - 1976), traveling, taking photographs and making films, from New York to Gaspé to New Mexico to Mexico itself, before moving to Europe, from France to Italy to Scotland to Egypt to Ghana and back to France. The film and soundtrack capture Strand’s lifelong trek. The music here is rich, varied, like the life it portrays. There are four themes explored throughout, each one weaves strands which are often stark, pure, often minimal, graceful, delicate, provocative, contemporary classical moments, exquisite folk melodies, breathtaking, occasionally sad, yet always filled with the strength of an ever - changing journey of captivating images. Jean Derome has done an incredible job here, the music stands on its own as pure poetry in sound, an enriching experience is in store for all of us who listen closely. Bravo!

Jean Derome has done an incredible job here… Bravo!

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