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Sang 9 (CD) Hip Christmas Rock

Hip Christmas Rock


  • Duration: 1:50

Since 1998, Guillaume Théroux Rancourt and Philippe Godbout have been working on sounds, improvising on diverse, more or less electronic instruments. The atmospheres they create were part of numerous musical soirées in Québec, both aside adventurous poets and in front of divided audiences. Each performance is an occasion to renew the sonic experience, sometimes noisy, sometimes vibrant.

Arborisationterminale has released two self-produced albums and appears on three compilations from the Alterflow label. Each member is also active through a solo project, Guillaume Théroux Rancourt“>Guillaume as Le chien borgne, Philippe as Malade Mojo.

[English translation: François Couture, vi-03]

This text is unavailable in English.

Enregistré au Studio tapis, Cap-Rouge, le 22 juin 2000 par Arborisationterminale

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