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Sang 9 (CD) Organisme


In Vitro

  • Year of composition: 2003
  • Duration: 4:08

A touch of randomness, but mostly play. A wave that comes in and goes out somewhere else, transformed. A data input, another lost. A secluded process breaking down closed doors. Tripping over a wire and holding on to it. Getting lost on the way and falling asleep. Giving birth out of nothing, from what we hold in our hands, and from what slips out of them. In Vitro is a shape-shifting collective from Montréal, formed in 2000 by Lévy Bourbonnais and Colin Gagné. Between improv and structure, instrument and machine, pulse and framework, it offers a hybrid form of music in a live context. It also offers to stop reading right now and listen to the tune.

[English translation: François Couture, vi-03]

This text is unavailable in English.

Enregistré au studio de Colin Gagné, Montréal, mars 2003

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