Michel Gonneville / Pierre Dansereau, Michel Gonneville

  • Year of composition: 1991-2008
  • Duration: 53:54
  • Instrumentation: soprano, soprano saxophone and string quartet


ISRC CAA4J0910180

In memory of Jean-Pierre Perreault (1947-2002) and a tribute to Pierre Dansereau

A single voice. Preparing for a conference… on macroecology, on the needs and rights of individuals, society, the planet. Despite that deep down feeling of helplessness, where murmurs ring like tintinnabulating tinnitus. Despite the organ bellowing from within the cathedral of the soul.

To go beyond being incensed by those forces that thwart the satisfaction of those needs and the respect of those rights, to appease dissonance, to go back to the essence of things, a long inner journey is undertaken, inspired by the North American Native healing ritual known as the “trembling tent,” in which the subject (whether physically, psychologically or socially ailing) is called upon to restore the lost harmony with his body, soul, and social or natural environment.

By reaching the deepest levels of the self, both corporeal and organic, whether in sleep, dream, strange poetry, or through words intimately linked to music (even simple syllable sounds), the voice will recover hozhro (Navaho for harmony, beauty), a state of consciousness which will allow it to appease its fears, its outrage, to realize the full potential of its own strengths and the actions it can take.

In a sense, Hozhro is the dramatic amplification of a daily process. The shaman — whose body and voice here are musically replaced and incarnated by the string quartet and the saxophone — accompanies the journeying voice in this process, in turn dazing and sustaining it, either mocking it or acting as an onlooker, until the point when the voice and the organ of its soul are finally resynchronized and the world re-enters the person’s consciousness, and he re-enters the world.

Michel Gonneville [i-09]

Completed in 2008, Hozhro stemmed from music composed in 1991 for Îles, a choreography by Jean-Pierre Perreault.


  • February 22, 2009, Montréal / Nouvelles Musiques 2009: Hozhro, Fonderie Darling, Montréal (Québec)