Émilie Girard-Charest


  • Émilie Girard-Charest
  • Year of composition: 2019
  • Instrumentation: violin, cello, percussion and piano
  • Commission: Continuum

In Heurts, I explored the notion of rupture point. I was interested in the moment where the impulse is broken, victim either of itself or of exterior elements. The piece is a series of failed attempts to channel an energy that is slipping from our grasp, expressed by raw and playful undomesticated sonorities. It has been inspired by our improvisations in duet with my friend and colleague Sergio Castrillón.


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Heurts a été composée pour l’édition 2018-19 du programme Pivot de la Ligue canadienne des compositeurs, présentée en collaboration avec Continuum et le Centre de musique canadienne, et a été créée à Toronto le 30 mars 2019.