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Works Blanc dominant Ana Sokolović

Blanc dominant

  • Ana Sokolović
  • Year of composition: 1998
  • Duration: 15:00
  • Instrumentation: string quartet
  • ISWC: T0708769305

Blanc dominant for string quartet was inspired by the pictural universe of Guido Molinari. This work in eight movements presents itself in the form of one theme and variations on it. The theme is divided into two parts. Part 1: vertical space (harmonic theme); Part 2: horizontal space ( melodic theme). Everyone of the seven variations is linked with paintings of Molinari: mutation I; tension; espace / asymétrique; diagonale noir; mutation II / triangle; blanc dominant; coda / continuum.

Molinari’s paintings serve as poetic triggers for an autonomous musical work. It is not an attempt at a musical transposition of a pictural work. Blanc dominant is rather the result of a contemplation: the encounter of two artistic sensibilities, the account of a fascination. The echoe of Molinari’s art in my imagination, a musical tribute.