February 23, 2002: “Machines”: No Type performances in Québec City

Tuesday, January 29, 2002 In concert

The second edition of the “Machines” concerts will be held in Québec City during the Mois Multi event. A joint presentation by No Type, Avatar and Recto-Verso, this night of audio performances proposes to the public a meeting of four hardened improvisers. First, a duo by Magali Babin (amplified objects) and Guillaume Théroux (4-track tape recorder) presents a “musique concrète” improvisation. Secondly, the Martin Tétreault (turntables) and Érick Dorion (computer) duo offers a maximalist and dynamic noise performance. The four musicians will then complete the night with a collective improvsation. Salle Multi of Méduse (Québec City), Saturday February 23, 2002, 8pm.

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January 21, 2002: Rouge ciel’s CD Launch

Monday, January 21, 2002 In concert

Monday January 21, 2002 is the official launch date for the new Rouge ciel CD on the independant label Monsieur Fauteux m’entendez-vous?. Rouge ciel is a new formation made of Simon Lapointe (keys), Antonin Provost (guitars), Guido Del Fabbro (violin) and Nemo Venba (trumpet, percussions). The event will be held at Bobards (Montréal) and features a free show, starting at 8pm.