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June 21 – July 5, 2002: Live DAME musicians

Thursday, June 13, 2002 In concert

Many DAME musician will be performing this summer. First, the Fanfare Pourpour will take part in Saint-Fortunat’s incredible music festival, June 21 and 22. Then, at the Festival international de jazz de Montréal, L’Orkestre des pas perdus will play outside from July 3 to 7. Also playing during the festival at the museum of contemporary arts, Les Projectionnistes July 3 and world renowned guitar player René Lussier July 6. This edition of L’OFF Festival de Jazz de Montréal also proposes plenty of DAME-related shows. Jean Derome will play at Lion d’Or June 27, July 3 and 5. Pierre St-Jak June 27. Rouge ciel June 29. Normand Guilbeault with an hommage to Mingus July 1. Martin Tétreault and Pierre Cartier July 3. Lee Pui Ming in duo with Joane Hétu aith also the {nbio:derome_je}-{nbio:guilbeault_no}-{nbio:tanguay_pi} trio July 5. Go see them all!

June 13, 2002: “Nous perçons les oreilles” CD launch

Thursday, May 23, 2002 In concert

Joane Hétu (voice, saxophone) and Jean Derome (voice, saxophone, small instruments) will launch the last installement of their intimate duo Nous perçons les oreilles, the moving La vie, c’est simple (Life is Simple), with a concert June 13, 2002 at Casa del Popolo (Montréal). This event is part of the “Suoni Per Il Popolo” festival of new music.

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May 15, 2002: L’Orkestre des Pas Perdus on tour

Wednesday, May 1, 2002 In concert

L’Orkestre des pas perdus takes its brilliant exhuberance to Paris (France) for a series of three concerts, May 16 to 18, 2002. Just before its parisian excursion, the Orkestre stops at Reus’ Festival Trapezi (Spain) from May 9 to 12, and plays also May 15 at Barcelona’s jazz club “La Boîte.” The Québec public will be able to catch the Orkestre live very soon, for they will attend St-Fortunat’s Festival International de Musique Incroyable, June 15 and 16, 2002.

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