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November 16 – 28, 2008: Bozzini Quartet in concert in Austria, Sweden, Netherlands

Thursday, November 13, 2008 In concert

Following the release of Collection QB’s sixth volume, Arbor Vitæ, a homage to the Canadian-American composer James Tenney, Bozzini Quartet continues its busy schedule with eight concerts in Europe.

  • November 16, 2008: Open Music, Graz (Austria)
  • November 17: Fast Forward, Vienna (Austria)
  • November 19: Shift — A Festival of Dutch and Canadian Music, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • November 22: Portrait Aldo Clementi, Borås (Sweden)
  • November 24: HCMF: James Tenney 1 — In a Large, Open Space, Huddersfield (England)
  • November 25: HCMF: James Tenney 2 — Arbor Vitæ, Huddersfield (England)
  • November 26: HCMF: James Tenney 3 — Koan, Huddersfield (England)
  • November 28: Bludenzer Tage für zeitgemaesse Musik, Bludenz (Austria)

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