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March 8, 2003: Electronic Improv for Mature Listeners

Wednesday, March 5, 2003 In concert

You are invited at Casa del Popolo (Montréal) Saturday March 8, 2003 for an aural event of epic proportions: the head on meeting of parasites (the duet of turntablist Martin Tétreault and samplist Diane Labrosse) and morceaux_de_machines (Érick Dorion and A_dontigny, computers) in a sonic clash of beautiful patterns, uncompromising noise, surprising acousmatic movements and — yes! — even beats, scratches and pop samples! Although they have worked together before, it is the first time the four of them actually play as a quartet. Érick Dorion and Martin Tétreault are currently collaborating together on a forthcoming album, Diane Labrosse and A_dontigny will release theirs on No Type in april 2003, Télépathie, recorded live last year.

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