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Transmission consists of six solo artists: Guy Pelletier (flutes), Alain Giguère (violin), Julie Trudeau (cello), Julien Grégoire (percussion), and Brigitte Poulin (piano). Together and separately they are thoroughly immersed in the creation, diffusion, dissemination and promotion of contemporary music and its performance practice. The musical direction of Transmission comes entirely from within, from each of the six members, both in performance and at the creation and production level. Their concert programs consist of contemporary music from solo to sextet and (whether the composers are local, national or international) their repertoire is chosen strictly on the basis of what they want to play: the discretion of these decisions is integral only to the music itself. Together as Transmission and separately as 6 individual musical personalities they are driven by an innate musical curiosity: their passionate and personalized expression is made essential by this force and is extremely contagious.

In addition to existing repertoire they are involved in collaborative performance projects with (local and international) musicians, composers and artists from other disciplines. Engaged in exploring new dimensions of contemporary music Transmission is initiating unconventional creative projects that straddle the border between composition and improvisation producing new work where the performance practice itself creates the music. In this explorative zone the ensemble is also working with various techniques of spatial diffusion including live electronics and physical movement. Half way through their third season Transmission has already worked with an eclectic array of composers such as Karlheinz Essl, Robert Leroux, Jean-François Laporte, Laurie Radford, and Sandeep Bhagwati. Upcoming collaborations are with Nicole Lizée, Chris-Paul Harman


Ensemble Transmission

Montréal (Québec)

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