John Oswald

April 24, 2005: “Chronophotic” Show by Oswald

Thursday, February 24, 2005 In concert

Composer John Oswald presents the photo-videographic installation instand•stillness from February 24 to April 24, 2005 at Espace F gallery in Matane (Québec). The work is based on Oswald’s “chronophotic” technique, a cinema which aim is to convey an impression of animation to still images. This is the same technique Oswald used for his DVD-Video Arc d’apparition, released last year on the OHM / Avatar label.

April 1, 2002: Oswald Fronts The Wire

Monday, June 17, 2002 General

John Oswald is the feature story of the 2002 April issue (#219) UK magazine The Wire: “The prince of plunderphonia recalls his battles with the majors for his artistic right to reclaim his sound environment from the noise pollution of pop by recycling it through his plunderphonics system.”

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