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Katharine Norman (UK, 1960) is a British composer based in London (UK). She studied at Princeton University (New Jersey, USA) with Paul Lansky and held various academic posts before deciding to pursue a freelance career. When using computers she works mainly with recorded sounds from the real world, making pieces which seek to create a poetry from the activity of our so-called ordinary lives. Her disc London is available on the NMC/Nimbus label.


Katharine Norman

Billericay (England, UK), 1960

Residence: England (UK)

  • Composer

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Katharine Norman [Photo: Chantal Rosas Cobian]
Katharine Norman [Photo: Chantal Rosas Cobian]
  • Katharine Norman
  • Katharine Norman
  • Katharine Norman


  • Katharine Norman [Photo: Chantal Rosas Cobian]

    Katharine Norman’s book (242 pages + 1 CD) is now available on The book describes various aspects of sound art, and presents the work of many artists such as Magali Babin, Luc Ferrari, Barry Truax, Franci…

    Tuesday, March 14, 2006 / New releases

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