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“absolutely fascinating” — Alex Ross

“sweet, slightly surreal music” — New York Times

“like the wryness of Samuel Beckett in combination with the whimsy of Italo Calvino” — Musicworks

Cassandra Miller is a Canadian composer and impresario, currently living in the Pennines of West Yorkshire (UK).

In the New World (Canada), she is a regular collaborator of the Quatuor Bozzini, who have performed her work in England, Holland, Belgium, Uruguay, and across Canada; and in the Old World (the UK), both Philip Thomas and the EXAUDI Vocal Ensemble have promoted her work widely. Upcoming projects include a large song cycle written for Apartment House, and a solo piano work written in collaboration with Michael Finnissy.

Other notable collaborators include Monday Evening Concerts in Los Angeles; Charles Curtis in San Diego; the late great Ensemble Kore with the outstanding mezzo-soprano Marie-Annick Béliveau (Montréal); the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (with I Musici de Montréal); Music on Main (Vancouver); Continuum Contemporary Music Ensemble (Toronto); and Aventa (Victoria), among many others. Her composition Bel Canto, commissioned by Ensemble Kore, received the 2011 Jules-Léger Prize for New Chamber Music, Canada’s highest honour for composition.

From 2010 to 2013, Cassandra was Artistic Director of Innovations en concert, a not-for-profit presenter of experimental chamber music in Montréal. In that post, she led the organization into a new era where it became known for its unusual programming, its support of young freelancers, the commissioning of monumental works, and the building of international connections for Québec artists.

Cassandra studied privately with Michael Finnissy, and holds a Master of Music from the Royal Conservatory of the Hague (Richard Ayres, Yannis Kyriakides), and a Bachelor of Music from the University of Victoria (Christopher Butterfield). She is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of Huddersfield (Bryn Harrison).

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Cassandra Miller

Metchosin (British Columbia, Canada), 1976

Residence: London (England, UK)

  • Composer

On the web

Cassandra Miller [Photo: Emrys Miller, 2011]
Cassandra Miller [Photo: Emrys Miller, 2011]
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  • Cassandra Miller
  • Cassandra Miller
  • Cassandra Miller [Montréal (Québec)]

Main releases

Another Timbre / AT 129 / 2018


Collection QB / CQB 1113 / 2011

In the press

Along the grain: the music of Cassandra Miller

James Weeks, Tempo, no. 68:269, July 1, 2014

… performing Miller’s music one is aware of how attuned she is to the grain of music’s constituent elements, to their natural way of being or growing: to the grain of pitch, which is the harmonic series; to the grain of rhythm, which is pulse; to the grain of each instrument and voice, which is their open, tensionless sounding; to the grain of expression, which is giving; to the grain of time, which is endless continuation; to the grain of energy, which is entropy. These she works along or cuts across more or less obliquely to create the tensions that support the music. One might almost say that, as much as any composer working today, these grains are her materials: the complexity and richness of her finest work reacquaints us with these fundamentals in a way that does indeed allow us to hear and feel in new ways.

… performing Miller’s music one is aware of how attuned she is to the grain of music’s constituent elements…

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