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Artists Michel Mergaerts

Born in Brussels in 1950, Michel Mergaerts started his career as a blues guitarist, before taking up the bass. He studied and played with Belgian luminaries Fabien Degryse (both in his jazz trio and in the band Dry Clean Only), Steve Houben (notably in the traditional music project Panta rheï), Pirly Zurstrassen, Nathalie Lorier, Nicolas Thys, and Jean-Louis Rassinfosse.

A Québec resident for the past seven years, Michel has performed with chanteuse Julie Lebon and is currently playing bass in Trioxyde, a prog-rock/jazz outfit.


Michel Mergaerts

Brussels (Belgium), 1950

  • Composer
  • Performer (bass)

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Malasartes musique / MAM 013 / 2011
Malasartes musique / MAM 005 / 2007