Luc Marcel

Luc Marcel comes from Charlemagne, Québec. His works have been performed by various ensembles in Canada, the USA, and Europe. In February 1999, the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra premiered his work Pastel while Die Reihe in Vienna premiered his Asile. Modèle 312 was premiered in November 1999 at the American Festival of Microtonal Music in New York.

Luc Marcel has received several commissions, the most recent ones being from Nouvel Ensemble Moderne, Toronto-based ensemble Continuum, and the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra. He has also composed music for Montréal choreographer Paul-André Fortier (Entre la mémoire et l’oubli, premiered in Montréal in 1995 by Montréal Danse and SMCQ) and Toronto choreographer Bill James (Wind). The latter work has been recorded in New York by the Chronos Saxophone Quartet. His music has also been performed by Arraymusic (Toronto), St-X Ensemble Xenakis, Ensemble Solange, and Johnny Reinard & Ensemble (New York).

Luc Marcel was one of nineteen composers to work on Symphonie du Millénaire, a work for 333 musicians, 2,000 bellringers, 15 church steeples, one church organ, one 56-bell set of chimes, and two fire trucks, performed on June 3, 2000 on the grounds of Oratoire Saint-Joseph (Montréal). This unusual performance was attended by a crowd of 40,000.


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Luc Marcel

Charlemagne (Québec), 1962

Residence: Montréal (Québec)

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