Lee Pui Ming

Lee Pui Ming’s music is about going beyond boundaries. It is about transcending the myriad genres, niches, and pigeonholes that trap music and seek to name it and tame it. Lee Pui Ming is accustomed to being defined as indefinable. Critics, presenters and audiences often ask: What kind of music do you play? Is it classical, jazz, world music, folk music? Lee Pui Ming could simply answer — Yes! For all these styles have contributed to her compositions and improvisations. What does she play? European, North American, and Asian music from the most traditional to the most contemporary; music that is sometimes composed and often improvised; music that uses the voice, body and piano in unorthodox ways that challenge preconceptions about what music should be. Lee Pui Ming plays music of her own creation that is filtered through the mind, hands, and voice of an uncommonly fearless artist determined to make her very own way in the musical world. More

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Lee Pui Ming

Hong Kong (China), 1956

Residence: Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

  • Composer
  • Performer (piano)
  • Improviser
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