Zbigniew Karkowski

Zbigniew Karkowski is a Polish-Swedish composer/musician moves to Tokyo in 1994. He has worked professionaly in the areas of written contemporary music, industrial music, pop music and experimental performance for the last 15 years. Karkowski has presented his work in more then 30 countries on nearly all continents. He is conviced that it is a responsibility of an artist in present time to travel and move and work around the World in order to learn and understand different cultures and traditions and discover truth about us and our planet. He is not interested in traditional definition of what is music, in his opinion all theory and systems of music as a cultural concepts have to be destroyed. So in his latest work his main concern is on realizing drama with sound electronic and acoustic walls with scores based on architectures of ruins. More

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Zbigniew Karkowski

Kraków (Poland), 1958 – Peru, 2013

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