Carl Ludwig Hübsch

Renowned tuba player, improviser and composer, Carl Ludwig Hübsch studied — mostly self taught — tuba, singing, drums and composition in Freiburg and Cologne. Involved in international collaborations in Jazz, Improvised and New Music, he composes for „active interpreters“ and improvisers, for theatre productions and visual installations. Besides his own projects like Hübsch’s Longrun Development of the Universe, Hübsch acht (octet), Drift and Hübsch’s Primordial Soup, he founded the Ensemble X and co-leads the Multiple Joy[ce] Orchestra. He is also part of many collective projects and several ensembles: Ensemble ]H[iatus, Hübsch Zoubek Martel, Hübsch van Bebber Blonk… In 2013, he composed the music for the Einsiedler Welttheater involving more than 100 amateur musicians. More

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Carl Ludwig Hübsch


  • Composer
  • Performer (tuba)
  • Improviser

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