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Daniel Heïkalo Biography

Daniel Heïkalo is a Montréal-born musician and composer, who was involved in performing improvisation in the mid-seventies as part of the burgeoning improv scene of Montréal. He has continued to explore spontaneous music making since then, both as a solo performer, and in the Arthur BullDaniel Heïkalo Duo. Mainly a guitarist, he also performs on cittern, slide guitar, percussion and recorders, often adding his voice while improvising. As a versatile and flexible artist, his work is perfectly suited for theatre, film, dance, and radio productions, including Radio-Canada. Heïkalo also works as a recording engineer and sound designer, which has led to his involvement with electroacoustic composition. Heïkalo lives in Nova Scotia, where he and his wife, Tamara, operate a studio and record production company, Heïkalo Sound Productions, releasing their projects.


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