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Artists Keiji Haino

Keiji Haino is easily one of avant garde’s most mysterious figures, never seen in proper lighting or without his trademark black glasses. Aside from playing countless different instruments, Haino also finds time to front the almighty psychedelic power trio Fushitsusha. He has also guested in countless other projects including John Zorn’s Painkiller and Asahito Nanjo’s Musica Transonic and has collaborated with Loren MazzaCane Connors, Alan Licht, Boris, Merzbow and more. He is truly one of the most impressive musical figures recording today.

Keiji Haino


  • Composer
  • Performer

On the web

Main releases

Victo / VICTO 110 / 2008


Various artists
Revue & corrigée / RC 75 / 2008
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
Revue & corrigée / RC 16 / 1993
  • Not in catalogue

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