Ben Grossman

Ben Grossman is a vielle à roue (hurdy gurdy/Drehleier) player, percussionist, composer and improviser. He began playing guitar before he hit his double digits. At the age of twelve, he began two years of private study of the double bass, at the same time getting an introduction to symphonic percussion. When he discovered modern composers, he began a self-directed study of Gamelan, Indian Classical, twentieth century music and what ever else he could get his hands on. Shortly after, he became a student of contemporary, experimental music, devoting himself to percussion, instrument building, and modern approaches to improvisation and composition. As his interests ranged, so too did his attention to traditional instruments grow. His late teens saw him playing Arabic and Celtic frame drums, goblet-drums, experimenting with the Arabic lute (ud) as well as with instruments of his own design and construction. More

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Ben Grossman

Residence: Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

  • Composer
  • Performer (hurdy gurdy)
  • Improviser