Laurent Grappe

After several years as a percussionist, Laurent Grappe studied acousmatic composition (1986 to ’89) in Denis Dufour’s class at Conservatoire national de région in Lyon, France, and has since composed around 15 acousmatic works. A member of Le Studio de l’Arrosoir, he often sets up concerts in the outside, for Acousmatour, Fort du Bruissin 1 & 2, or ACT’SON in Les Abattoirs of Chalon-sur-Saône. With Bruno Boussagol and Brut de Béton Production, Laurent Grappe collaborates to stage works centered on representations of madness and exclusion, in En attendant Godot, Fanny N. and La ligne de partage des os. A musician for Cie Tutt’Iseop, he worked on “Les [mo] du M” based on poems by Antonin Artaud, and children’s stories based on children’s works. A member of the Contre group, he performs “electro-improvised” music with les Mécaniciens du Désert. He composes or improvises for dance companies: ABCDanse, Cie Schenk, Adolfo Vargas and Michel Lecoq, Cie de la traverse. A member of Nagrala (Isabelle Bassil, J-Kristoff Camps, Laurent Grappe, Carole Rieussec), he has explored several transversal forms of concerts with “Les belles façades à rafraîchir,” and “Les écrivains publics sonores.” More

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Laurent Grappe

Ifrane (Morocco), 1962

Residence: Lyon (Rhône, France)

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