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Artists Philémon Girouard

A founding member of the Napalm Jazz trio, Philémon is a prolific member of the free music scene in Montréal. First as a musician, but also as an event organiser, such as a concert for peace featuring 12 improvisers such as Jean Derome, John Heward and Alexandre St-Onge; but also the November 2001 “Rumble” with sixteen musicians organised in four quartets representings the most diversified aspects of new music. A dynamic saxophonist, he works regularly with guitarist Sam Shalabi, either as a duo in the extreme project ’Gypt Gore, and in a sextet with Balai Mécanique. Two bands which give the best role to his fierce playing.

One of the first members of the No Type collective, he contributes to the 1998 Napalm Jazz album Free Transgénique (NT 9001). In December 1999, he is part of the Jazz Busters Excavation Sonore, overseen by the Avatar audio art collective, who he works with again in March 2000 with a composition for Le Chant des Voix. In September 2000, a collaboration with Alexandre Warren, Potlatch W (NT 030), appears on No Type. Continuing this autio montage work, he creates De la viande bio, a composition for the compilation The Freest of Radicals (IMNT 0201, 2001). With properly electronic music, apart from his participation to the Sine Fiction web series, for which he adapted the classic Nineteen Eighty Four (NT 058, 2001), he has also been working on a duo with French sound artist Julie Rousse, under the name Komsomolsk, during the Rien à voir (11) electroacoustic event, in April 2002.


Philémon Girouard

Québec, 1975

Residence: Paris (France)

  • Composer
  • Performer (saxophone, laptop)
  • Improviser
  • Sound artist


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