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Artists Éric Gagnon

Gagnon studied visual arts at the Université Laval. Although he quickly chose video as his favorite form of expression, he remains an interdisciplinary artist, fronting parallel careers in music, photography and filmmaking.

His works have received a large-scale international distribution, including in France, Australia, Mexico, Hungary, Germany, Japan, and in most of the video festivals in Québec and Canada. Gagnon is looking to renew the way we use moving pictures, in installations and performances in which video image becomes a living tableau.


Éric Gagnon

  • Composer
  • Performer
  • Visual artist (video)

Associated groups

Main releases

Ambiances Magnétiques / AM 140 / 2005


Ambiances Magnétiques / AM 903 / 2005


Dazibao / DAZ 01 / 2006
  • Not in catalogue


Ambiances Magnétiques / AM 140 / 2005


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