Fred Frith

Guitarist, bassist, violinist, composer, inventor, orchestrator and do-it-yourselfer, Fred Frith is a musician whose contribution to the scene cannot be overstated. Sound material grinds, kneads, cracks and decomposes in his capable hands. Co-founder of the legendary British formation Henry Cow (1968-78), he moved to New York in the late seventies and came into contact with many of the musicians with whom he’s since been associated, including John Zorn, Ikue Mori, the late Tom Cora, Bob Ostertag and many others. In the eighties Frith began to write extensively for dance, film and theatre, and this in turn led to creating music for others to play. He has appeared on more than 200 CDs and has performed all over the world: Moscow, Santiago, Tokyo, Oslo, Montréal. He was the subject of a documentary by Nicolas Humbert and Werner Penzel, Step Across the Border, and is featured in the film Touch the Sound, alongside percussionist Evelyn Glennie. Fred Frith currently teaches improvisation at Mills College in Oakland, California. More

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Fred Frith

Heathfield (England, UK), 1949

Residence: Santa Rosa (California, USA)

  • Composer
  • Performer (electric guitar)
  • Improviser

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