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November 16 – 28, 2008: Bozzini Quartet in concert in Austria, Sweden, Netherlands

Thursday, November 13, 2008 In concert

Following the release of Collection QB’s sixth volume, Arbor Vitæ, a homage to the Canadian-American composer James Tenney, Bozzini Quartet continues its busy schedule with eight concerts in Europe.

  • November 16, 2008: Open Music, Graz (Austria)
  • November 17: Fast Forward, Vienna (Austria)
  • November 19: Shift — A Festival of Dutch and Canadian Music, Amsterdam (Netherlands)
  • November 22: Portrait Aldo Clementi, Borås (Sweden)
  • November 24: HCMF: James Tenney 1 — In a Large, Open Space, Huddersfield (England)
  • November 25: HCMF: James Tenney 2 — Arbor Vitæ, Huddersfield (England)
  • November 26: HCMF: James Tenney 3 — Koan, Huddersfield (England)
  • November 28: Bludenzer Tage für zeitgemaesse Musik, Bludenz (Austria)

April 11, 2007: Allen, Côté, Derome, and Francavilla at Mercredimusics, Montréal

Thursday, March 29, 2007 In concert

The next Mercredimusics will host Jean Derome (alto saxophone, flute, small instrument), Nadia Francavilla (violin), Gordon M Allen (trumpet) et Michel F Côté (amplified percussion) on April 11, 2007 at Casa Obscura in Montréal. Listen to some audio clips of the new releases String Quartets, The Feeling of Jazz, and Let’s Go to Easter Island!.

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