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Artists Nadia Francavilla

Born in Montréal, violinist Nadia Francavilla is both an accomplished recitalist and outstanding chamber musician. After having been a member of the Quatuor Arthur‑Leblanc for many years, she is now playing with the Quatuor Bozzini and makes frequent tours in Canada, the United States of America and Europe. A graduate of McGill University, she received solid musical training under the direction of Mauricio Fuks, Rafael Druian and Joseph Silverstein.

She is also a member of Motion Ensemble which explores new horizons in improvisation, electronics, aleatory music and multimedia. In 2006, she joined percussionist D’Arcy Gray to form Les Moineaux d’Entendre. This collective was conceived to bring their various influences (contemporary music, fluxus-style theatre, live electronics, etc.) together into one ensemble to encourage collaborations with other artists and break the conventions of traditional concert settings.

Diversified, the journey of this artist reflects her commitment towards many different forms of musical creativity. Her participation in different contemporary music ensembles also demonstrates her great interest towards music of our time. In addition, Radio-Canada and CBC frequently draw on her musical experience for premieres and recordings of Canadian works.

[source:] [ii-09]

Nadia Francavilla

Montréal (Québec), 1967

Residence: Fredericton (New Brunswick, Canada)

  • Performer (violin)
  • Improviser


Collection QB / CQB 1110 / 2011
Collection QB / CQB 0907 / 2009
Victo / VICTO 114 / 2009
Atma Classique / ACD 22552 / 2008
Collection QB / CQB 0806 / 2008
  • Temporarily out of stock
Collection QB / CQB 0704 / 2007
Edition Wandelweiser Records / EWR 0410 / 2006
Collection QB / CQB 0502 / 2005
Collection QB / CQB 0401 / 2004


Wergo / WER 65612 / 2007
  • Not in catalogue


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