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Artists Simon Dolan

Simon was born on the same day as the International Women’s Day of 1976. It’s quite fitting, since Simon is often surrounded by several individuals of the female gender. As a teenager proudly sporting a “beaver cut” hair-do, he started to play the bass. This led to studies in Montréal, more precisely at the Cégep de Saint-Laurent and the UQAM. Once he changed his hair-do, several groups phoned him up to hire him; among them, the venerable Jean Leloup with whom Simon toured, and the popular group Les Tubes with whom he regularly appears on the Musimax television show Maxlounge. Simon has walked the stages of about every bar and concert venue in Montréal and throughout Québec. You got it: Mister Dolan is a natural showman!

More seriously though, Simon is an important partner of the Ipso Facto project. His large experience of the music business often comes in handy. Simon is a first-rate advisor when it comes to the technical aspects of concerts and recordings. He also has a strong stage presence and a magnetic charm. Furthermore, he makes an important contribution to the group’s creative process. He possesses an uncommon musical sense and unlimited creative resources. Simon is ready to get involved in Ipso Facto’s projects, which he feels provide the starting point for a highly rewarding artistic reputation.

Simon Dolan


Residence: Montréal (Québec)

  • Performer (double bass)

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