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Artists Sylvie Chenard

Sylvie Chenard plays electric guitar and electronics, sings, and has been a multidisciplinary artist for twenty years; illustration, photography, media arts, and poetry also fall within her field of activities. She has been creating and producing the “Projets de la Baleine” since 1989. A committed artist who draws inspiration for her work from feminism and pacifism, her works reflect her social commitment. Jon Asencio, Maryse Poulin, Alexandre St-Onge, and Martin Tétreault are just some of the artists with whom she has collaboratored. A number of her works are available on compact disc.

Sylvie Chenard

Valleyfield (Québec), 1957

Residence: Montréal (Québec)

  • Composer
  • Performer (electric guitar, electronics, voice)
  • Author

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Main releases

Tour de bras / TDB 9010 / 2014
Ambiances Magnétiques / AM 104 / 2002
Ambiances Magnétiques / AM 109 / 2002
[Independent] / SC 6 / 1999
[Independent] / SC 3 / 1996
[Independent] / SC 9 / 1994