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Artists Daniela Cattivelli

Daniela Cattivelli plays sampler, computer and saxophon. She is among the founders of three important experimental italian groups: Laboratorio di Musica e Immagine, Fastilio, Mylicon/EN. Her own work spans different musical genres, from industrial to contemporary classic, as well as playing with and being directed by significant exponents of more “unorthodox" genres: Fred Frith, Jon Rose, John Oswald, Butch Morris, and the Italian composer Salvatore Sciarrino.

Her open approach to different media and art have led her to work frequently with choreographers, dancers, theatre companies and visual artists (including: MK, Teatro della Valdoca, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Laminarie,Compagnia di danza Monica Francia, Luigi Gozzi, Compagnia Koiné, Le supplici etc.).

She currently performs in two new projects: Mylicon/EN and CANE Mylicon/EN, together with Lino Greco,is a duo involved in experimental and alternative ways of conceiving audio-video live act, recovering performativity and concreteness through the use of analogical and mechanical devices in the production of images and sounds. ( Cane, a project started in Autumn 2004, is a flexible group which aims at diversifying staging works by continually adopting different formats: performance, sound action, dj set. It is currently made up of Daniela Cattivelli & Federica Santoro.


Daniela Cattivelli

  • Composer
  • Performer (saxophones, sampler)

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Ambiances Magnétiques / AM 138 / 2005