Kyle Brenders

Kyle Brenders is a composer-performer whose music deftly synthesizes composition and improvisation, and comprises rigorous formal complexity and visceral solo and group improvising. His interest in music that falls within generic and idiomatic cracks lead to the development of his own personal style. His work tends to be reluctantly labeled under the Avant-Jazz category by exploring a mix of freedom and structure infused with a probing energy and a touch of wit.

Brenders maintains a number of active groups that perform his work — the Kyle Brenders Quartet, Large Ensemble and Big Band were each formed to present different aesthetic sides of his artistic coin. Brenders has recently composed works for Toronto’s Thin Edge New Music Collective and a short folk opera for Jumblies Theatre. Through his studies in Canada, the United States of America and the Netherlands with Ab Baars, Anthony Braxton, Peter Hatch, Lori Freedman, David Mott and Alvin Lucier, Brenders has created a unique compositional voice and improvisational vocabulary. Brenders also maintains extremely active administrative and organizational roles as Soundstreams’ Artistic Associate and as the President of the Canadian New Music Network.

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Kyle Brenders

Ontario (Canada), 1981

Residence: Toronto (Ontario, Canada)

  • Composer
  • Performer (Clarinet, saxophones)
  • Improviser

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