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November 27, 2005: Arcand and Tétreault at Ectoplasmes 5x2

Wednesday, November 9, 2005 In concert

Ectoplasmes 5x2 is a creative laboratory held in 2 places over 3 days. First, Manon Labrecque and Martin Tétreault will present a performative installation at the PRIM gallery on November 25 and 26, 2005. Lastly, on November 27, 2005, a night of actions, projections and performances will be held at the Société des arts technologiques, featuring the artists Pierre-André Arcand, Mario Côté, Alexis Bellavance, Hugo Girard, Nikki Forrest, Nelly-Ève Rajotte in addition to {nbio:labrecque_ma} and {nbio:tetreault_ma}.

Arcand in perpetual mutation

Thursday, August 26, 2004 New releases

Just like his loops of sound and light, Pierre-André Arcand is an artist in a state of perpetual evolution. A renegade of sound poetry, over the last years he has developed installations of sound and visual permutations. Digital mechanics? Electronic acoustics? For {nbio:arcand_pi}, everything happens by mutation! His latest hybrid project, Atlas Epileptic, presents a selection of audio works and a second section of audiovisual compositions. Pierre-André Arcand will officially launch his new album on September 25, 2004, during his performance at Désert, an multimedia event held at Montréal’s des Carrieres incinerator.

Read & Listen Sound Art

Friday, January 9, 2004 General

In Montréal on January 20, 2004, Éditions Artextes launched S:on, Sound in Canadian Contemporary Art, an anthology compiled by Nicole Gingras. Amongst the artists represented on this publication we find Pierre-André Arcand, Georges Azzaria, Steve Heimbecker, Hugh Le Caine, Christof Migone, Hélène Prévost, Jocelyn Robert, R Murray Schafer, Michael Snow, Alexandre St-Onge, Martin Tétreault, and Hildegard Westerkamp.

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