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Artists Pierre-André Arcand

Poet and multidisciplinary artist, Pierre-André Arcand is active in the spheres of performance, poetry, experimental music, audio art and in domains of the artistic exploration which integrate the contemporary technologies.

His activities include writing, visual poetry, sound poetry, performance, installation, objects, books. At the end of the years ’90, became Transfuge in electronic and media arts. Real-time audio and video treatment. Sons-actions-projections. Acoustic, electronic and digital practices in performance, equipped with the Macchina Ricordi*, the resonant book and ashtray, his voice and the multiple personae he incarnates.

“Quand l’œil voit, l’oreille est distraite”. His video images borrow from everyday life, from Internet, from the work with the computer, visual and concrete poetry, video noise and the veiled light of pixelsThe loop is everywhere in his work, but according to a concept which is specific to him and which he applies to the territories of visual poetry, audio art and experimental music.

Published in Inter, Doc(k)s, Baobab, Rampike, Estuaire, magazines; 7 compact discs solo on OBZ, OHM, Generator and Ambiances Magnétiques labels.

* Digital Macchina Ricordi Numérique: a software which allows the recording of sound on sound evolutionary loops and their simultaneous diffusion. The verbal, the vocal, the noises, the instruments are sampled and structured in a sound continuum by repetition and accumulation. These successive operations can activate automatically a similar treatment of the video image.


Pierre-André Arcand


Residence: Saint-Roch-de-Richelieu (Québec)

  • Composer
  • Performer (voice, modified tape recorder)


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Pierre-André Arcand [Photo: Pierre-André Arcand]
  • Pierre-André Arcand
  • Pierre-André Arcand
  • Pierre-André Arcand [Photo: François Bergeron]
  • Pierre-André Arcand [Photo: François Bergeron]
  • Pierre-André Arcand [Photo: François Bergeron]
  • Pierre-André Arcand [Photo: Yvan Binet]

Main releases

Ambiances Magnétiques / AM 127 / 2004
OHM / Avatar / AVTR 029/030 / 2002


OHM / Avatar / AVTR 038/039 / 2006
Various artists
[Independent] / TAP 2005 / 2005
  • Temporarily out of stock
Various artists
OHM / Avatar / AVTR 001 / 1995


Artextes Éditions / ENG 02 / 2003
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
DAME / DAME 2001 / 2001
  • Out of print
OHM / Avatar / AVTR 013 / 1999
  • Not in catalogue
OHM / Avatar / AVTR 007 / 1997
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
OHM / Avatar / AVTR 004 / 1996
  • Not in catalogue


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