The Italian group Antenata approaches songwriting, chamber rock, sound poetry and electroacoustic improvisation from an oblique perspective. Interferences. Lyrics inspired by the experiences of contemporary female poets. Definitely a document of the late-’90s Italian new music current. The group evolved from a meeting between Sabina Meyer and Daniela Cattivelli. Their original intention was to give musical life to the poems of a few female poets who have led unusual lives: Ingeborg Bachmann, Patrizia Cavalli, Marina Cvetaeva, Meret Oppenheim, Sylvia Plath, Anne Sexton, Patrizia Valduga and Simone Weil. The project started out as a duo but soon grew to a sextet and included musicians who, in the early ’90s, were actively involved in drawing international attention to the Italian non-academic experimental music scene. This music cannot be confined to a single genre; its influences crisscross between progressive rock, contemporary music, jazz, improvisation, and electronic music. The group was formed in Bologna, one of the most dynamic centers in this field. And so Antenata brings together various musicians influenced by the creative activity that is typical to Bologna and exemplified by Laboratorio Musica Immagine (Cattivelli, Galantino), Fastilio, Mistress (Cattivelli), Dire Gelt, Hot Azoi, and Viktoria Frey (Meyer). The rare exchanges between the music scenes of Bologna and Rome is represented in Fabrizio Spera (Ossatura, Blast) and Aleksandar Zaric (Cirko della Primavera), a Serbian musician who has been active in Rome for a while. More

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