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Originally from the American Midwest, Fortner Anderson has lived in Montréal since 1976. Known for the performances of his poems, he has been an active member of the Montréal spoken word scene for years prior to the use of the term “spoken word.”

His poems have appeared on his solos discs: Sometimes I Think (Wired on words, 1999), Six Silk Purses (Wired on words, 2005) and He Sings (Wired on words, 2006). His newest disc Solitary Pleasures appears on &records in November 2011.

He has performed his work at the Festival international de musique actuelle de Victoriaville, Poesiefestival Berlin (Germany) and at Live Biennale (Vancouver). In June of 2002 and again in 2008, he was invited to Genoa (Italy) to perform at the 8th and 10th editions of the Festival Internazionale di Poesia di Genova. In 2007 he was awarded the La Voix électrique prize by Les Filles électriques and Wired on words for his literary accomplishments.


Fortner Anderson

Minneapolis (Minnesota, USA), 1955

Residence: Montréal (Québec)

  • Composer
  • Performer (narration)
  • Author

On the web

Fortner Anderson [Montréal (Québec), 2010]
Fortner Anderson [Montréal (Québec), 2010]
  • Solitary Pleasures: Alexandre St-Onge, Michel F Côté, Bernard Falaise and Fortner Anderson [Photo: Élisabeth Alice Coutu, Montréal (Québec), March 2, 2013]
  • Fortner Anderson in concert at the Festival Voix d’Amériques [Montréal (Québec), 2010]

Main releases

Les blocs errants / LBE ANN / 2012
&pages, &records / ET 15, ETPAGES AVRIL / 2011
Wired on Words / WOWCD 009 / 2005


Les blocs errants / LBE ANNCD / 2012
  • Not in catalogue
Les blocs errants / LBE ANNLIVRE / 2012
  • Not in catalogue
Various artists
Les Filles électriques / LFE 0601 / 2006
  • Not in catalogue

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