22marbles is a composition and performance project by Véro Marengère & Martin Marier. Joining their interests for improvisation and haptic electronic sounds, their work proposes a slowtech and a do-it-together (DIT) approach. Playing a novel digital instrument invented by Martin — the Sponge — the composers create a playful space of focused listening. The ongoing communication between the sponges and the humans evokes a minimalist, noisy, mutualist and empathetic approach to music making. The Sponge is made of various sensors that can detect when it is squeezed, twisted or shaken. Sensor data is then sent wirelessly to a computer that translates the data into sounds via SuperCollider. The Sponge is featured in performances all over the world and is widely known in the New Interfaces for Musical Expression community (NIME).



Montréal (Québec)

  • Performer (ensemble)

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