G’zaagiin maleńki, je te promets une forêt

Emily Marie Séguin, Massy Emond

We speak of a forest as we speak of a shelter, a house bequeathed to us, to be lived in together, now and tomorrow. A house that, in turn, lives in us. We met in this forest to listen to it, to improvise together. Starting with our own instruments, we built bridges and found points of tension. We extended our techniques, exchanged bows and sticks, mixed our breath with that of the skin and body of the drum and the cello, with that of the rivers and the wind.

“G’zaagiin” means “I love you” in Anishinaabemowin, the language Emily is rediscovering through her community. “Maleńki” means “little one” in Polish, the language that Milena had to leave behind, but which she passes on to her children. “Je te promets une forêt” (I promise you a forest) is addressed to the child at the heart of our approach, of our commitment to the future. This part of the title is in French, Marie-Hélène’s native language, because it is this language that brings us together here today. This promise is held aloft like a flag, an offering, a prayer.

This album is based on an immersive theatre show of the same title, produced in 2021 by Voyageurs Immobiles, Cie. de création, in co-production with the National Arts Centre French Theatre, with support from the Maison Théâtre and the Service culturel de la Ville de Val-d’Or.

This album was created on the unceded traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg. It is our responsibility to support communities who live on this land in their efforts to achieve sovereignty and self-determination.

CD (AM 275)

  • Label: Ambiances Magnétiques
  • AM 275
  • 2022
  • UCC 771028127528
  • Total duration: 29:45
  • Sympathique case
  • 126 mm × 126 mm × 5 mm
  • 35 g

Download (AM 275_NUM)

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